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Store Daddy With Bonuses

Store Daddy is a brand new Cloud Based App (works on PCs and Macs) that allows you to create stunning e-commerce stores in a matter of minutes. Once you have bought this incredibly affordable App you will be able to:

  • Create Amazon Affiliate Stores.
  • Make Ebay Affiliate Stores.
  • Have an Ali-Express store.

If you have ever thought of owning one, two or a hundred e-com stores, NOW is the time to do it! It has been forecasted that e-com in the US will make up to 17% of all sales by 2022. Source: Business Insider.

With online Sales in the EU forecast to reach €265.68 BILLION throughout 2018. You can see that it is a VERY lucrative market. Source: Centre for Retail Research.

You have to agree that it’s a huge amount. Wouldn’t it be great to have a little slice of that pie?

Until now, e-com store builders have been on a subscription basis, costing $30 – $40 a month for the very basic package. Now, you can have for a fraction of the cost and WITHOUT recurring payments. What’s more is that your stores are actually HOSTED for you as well, so you won’t have to pay for that either.

Depending on what you are selling, you will get up to 10% commission of the price of what you are selling, not only that, if the customer gets distracted and buys something else, you will still get the affiliate payout. There are a lot of people that are making six, seven and eight figure numbers having e-com affiliate sites. Now it’s YOUR TURN to get in on the act.

A good way to start is by having a store that interests you, but try to find a niche that’s not too competitive, or if it is, drill down and find more of a ‘micro niche’. For instance, if you want to sell Dog items, perhaps choose a breed or other spin like assistance dogs. Once you start dominating that market, you can broaden out and if you are popular enough, eventually, you will be able to go for the broader keywords like ‘Dog Accessories’ or ‘Dog Food’ etc.

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