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My Traffic Coop

My Traffic Coop – MTC – is Now OPEN!

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My Traffic Coop is now up and running. Having had my fingers burnt a couple of times, I am confident in this brand new system from Brian Winters. You can be a PAID or FREE Member, it’s up to you. But, as Brian says, whether you have a great product or a crappy one, if you get the offer in front of enough eyeballs, it’s going to sell (obviously, a great offer will sell quickly)

If you are an affiliate marketer, e-store owner or a blogger, the one thing you need is TRAFFIC, otherwise, it’s a bit like having the best store in the world, but no road to it. Sat alone on a hilltop, who is going to visit it (especially if it’s not on the map – SEO)?

So, rather than get ‘bots’ to try to fool the search engines in to believing that a lot of traffic is going to your site which is often the case when you by traffic), you will be getting REAL PEOPLE looking at what you are promoting.

When you join My Traffic Coop, you will see the short training videos in how the system works and what the benefits of joining are, you can have a go at the free option and if you like it (and can afford it), you can buy traffic at $30 for one month of REAL human visitors, You’ll still have to hook them in as you will see. But if you think ‘what would want to make me click on this’ you will be heading in the right direction.

Make $1million dollars in a month is unbelievable and you are bound NOT to click on it, but ‘Would you like to learn how to finally make a passive income online?’ is more likely to pique your interest. It’s the old question of time versus money. If your time is precious to you, then buying a traffic pack or two should bring you visitors. If you have the time but no money, then stick with the FREE option. There is only one way of making money online, but it’s not for everyone (and it does carry a very, very slight risk).

Should you buy any item from my site, you will be hearing about it soon.

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