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The long awaited Designo Pro 2 is now ready for release (Monday 12th December). This Exciting new Software / App is brought to you from the team of Todd Gross, Radu Hahaianu, Bilal Ahmed and Luann Beckman.

designo pro 2

Designo Pro 2 (in action)

With hundreds (and more, should you want them), of Templates. You design will be ready in minutes. What would take most people hours to complete using tools like Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator, you can create your products in minutes with this Nifty App.

Designo Pro 2 is Cloud based, so will work on PCs and MACs

There is no need to clutter up your hard drive with your stored projects (if you don’t want to). Neither will your fan be whizzing like it has Asthma, all of the computing power is handled by the server at the other end. A lot of Design Software uses up an incredible rate of processing power. A modern, super fast computer is not necessary to run this app. Using vector based graphics as opposed to pixel graphics, from a small logo to a large poster, there will be NO LOSS of quality.

So Who Would Use This Design App?

The list is as big as your imagination. Artists, Graphic Artists. Internet Marketers, Off-line Marketers, Printers, Musicians, Clothe Designers, Internet Product Creators, Physical Product Creators, Small Businesses, Event Organisers, E-Commerce, Online Stores, Physical Stores, Wedding Planners, Photographers, Clubs, Societies, Schools, Charities, Any Organisations, Ebay Traders and Students. You get the point. This product is not aimed at a particular Niche, it is for anyone that needs to do any of the tasks below. These templates are being constantly updated and you can bet that there will be an option to get more, should you need them

Design pro 2 features

designo pro 2




There will be a webinar for those interested that will showcase all of the design and graphics that are summed up on this page. I can not do this App the justice it deserves, so head to the sales-page and once you have the App, you will get an automatic invitation to the event. You’ve already got the product, so NO Sales Pitch here!

Here’s what you don’t need:

  • Any Design knowledge. The Video Tutorials cover all you need to know.
  • To spend money for designers any more. These can be EXPENSIVE!
  • Even if you go for much lower quality that you would get with Fiverr, DP2, You’ll still SAVE long term.
  • $Hundreds to buy expensive Software that would take you ages to master.
  • TIME – why spend hours when you can do a pro job in a few minutes.
  • Any misunderstandings as to what you want (when working with a designer). Get the graphics you want exactly how you want them!
  • Deep pockets and lots of time.
  • Big files that sit on your hard drive, using space

Here’s what you will get:

  • The designs just how you want them.
  • A PRO tool, you can use again and again.
  • Loads of processing power – Is’s all in the cloud.
  • A simple to use, drag and drop design editor with intuitive functions.
  • Plug and play simplicity.
  • Designs that can be printed to Billboard Size.
  • An AFFORDABLE (under $30 dime sale), yet very Expensive and Professional RESULTS!
  • The Ability to charge your clients BIG BUCKS, should you go for the Agency License.
  • 500+ Templates


Rather than give you a confusing list of mediocre PLR bonuses, if you buy through my link be sure to email me (with your receipt) and over the next year, I will be sending out QUALITY BONUSES as well as tips and tricks. I have a hard drive full of bonuses that seemed great at the time but after trying to get them to work and find out how to download them, `I have been constantly disappointed. I would much rather send you a QUALITY BONUS every few weeks that YOU WOULD USE

Should you make a purchase, be sure to email me at danieldknights(@)


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