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ColdLeadz is one of the best value for money products I have EVER seen. It is a Total Business and there are many sides to it. First off, it grabs emails and leads from Google and the major Social Platforms.

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Next, it is an SEO suite of Tools that would cost $hundreds of dollars a month if you wanted them, which you will!

It has 44 SEO Tools and just the Website Audit tool could cost you hundreds os dollars per month so you could do SEO Audits for your clients, who, by the way, will pay $100 for.. Some people make a living by telling people their websites are not Mobile responsive . Again, people pay good money to have this issue fixed.

You can decide whether you want Gmail Addresses, Yahoo Addresses and on and on until you have all the emails you need. You just Select a KEYWORD, type of email, Yahoo, Hotmail etc and then which country you are targeting. A fantastic feature is that you can also chose weather you want email address from the top 5 pages or pages 6 to 10 (as well as 1 to 10). Selecting 6 to 10 is a great idea as you can target them as they are the ones that want get on to Page 1 of Google. This is all best demonstrated on the video, or, better still, the great training videos that come with this.

So, all in all, I would rate this app at 5Stars+

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The Bonus

Should you buy ColdLeasz through this website, you can expect some FANTASTIC BONUSES. If you send me in your JVZoo Receipt, you will be added to the bonus list. Rather than offering you a crazy amount of rubbish that is meant to be worth $50,000, I will send you monthly GIFTS that you can Really use for your business or website


Here is the first bonus you will get:


Coupon Leads is a Premium web based app that works on PC and Mac. It retails at $197 and if you would prefer to buy it, you can so here: Although it retails at $197, there is an ‘early-bird’ discount of $47

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I’ve taken a screen-shot of Coupon Leads in use:
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